Extending the Golden Rule of Dentistry

Have you heard of the Golden Rule of Dentistry?  It’s what helps Lakeshore Family Dentistry put your mind at ease. In this interview with Dr. Abbey LaManna, we find out about the Golden Rule, what makes her happiest as a dentist, and a rather peculiar habit she’s picked up while working with patients.

Dr. Abbey’s Golden Rule is simple. “I want to treat families the way I would expect my family to be treated,” she said.

Married and with two children, Dr. Abbey’s approach is more than lip service. From her office space to her personal approach, everything she does is designed to put your mind at ease.  In this interview, she explains her approach:

Where did you grow up?

Franklin, Wisconsin, a suburb of Milwaukee. Life was good – my mom, dad, younger brother and I all embraced Wisconsin winters. We spent a lot of time skiing. It was a great childhood.

Why did you decide to become a dentist?

The human body fascinates me, and I’m highly detail oriented. The defining moment came in college, however, when I had a very bad experience with a dentist.

I actually had to return to my family dentist in Franklin to repair the mistake, and I was really impressed with the care I received. He saved the day, and I truthfully wanted to make sure no one experienced what I did.

I shadowed my dentist, and really liked it. I then decided to attend dentistry school at the University of Minnesota. That’s where I met my husband. I got my dentistry degree and my husband – a 2-for-1 deal.

Why do you operate the practice the way you do?

I wanted a family practice, with a small staff. I wanted it to be personal, to get to know the patient I treat. The better I get to know them, the better I feel I can treat them.

Favorite thing to do with your family?

I like to do everything and anything with my family, but I really like the nights when we either play a game or curl up on the couch and share a bowl of popcorn.

What gives you the most pleasure with your job?

When we can see that we’ve had a positive impact on a person’s overall oral health. I love it when we’ve given a person all the tools, education and encouragement they need about maintaining good oral health, and then they come back six months after their first visit and have a great check up.

I also love working with generations of patients. From grandmas to granddaughters, I like working with the whole family.

I truly, truly enjoy helping people with their dental needs. I am inspired by all the dental advancements, but I really love getting to know others and make them feel comfortable. I want to treat families like I want my family treated.

What crazy things are you known for?

I have a tendency to hum while at work. This has spread throughout the office, too. We do take requests.

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