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The Vital Reasons Why You Should Replace Missing Teeth

Senior Happy Couple With Dental Implants From Trusted Dental Excellence
The goal of modern dentistry is for each & every patient to keep all their teeth for their entire lifetime. As dental health awareness & dental technology have advanced over the last half century, we now see fewer older people who are missing all their teeth (a condition dentists call edentulism).

The Vital Reasons Why You Should Replace Missing Teeth

What Others Are Saying

“I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS OFFICE!!!! The whole office is great! Everyone is pleasant and professional. I highly recommend Orland Dental Care. They are very gentle and thorough. I couldn't ask for better health care!”
Stefani A.
“The doctor and his staff are all wonderful! You will not be disappointed from the great service received here at Orland Dental Care.”
Deborah C.
“I had my first cleaning at Orland Dental Care two weeks ago and they did a great job. With my gum disease, I needed periodontal cleanings and the hygenist did a very thorough job. I am definitely going back for future cleanings.”
Kevin A.
“I love Orland Dental Care! Awesome place, very friendly, very clean and detail oriented. It's very close to my house, but even if I move it'll be worth the drive to receive this 5 star service!!!”
Rodney R.
“My dental cleaning was amazing! I just felt like I was at home. It was a very welcoming environment. They were fast and efficient!! I will be coming back!”
Lolo K.
“Very friendly atmosphere and excellent dental care!!!!”
Carol W.
“Everyone was polite from the time I walked in until my appointment was over. I’ll be coming back!”
Maite R.
“Great place! Very knowledgeable staff and fast, friendly service. Monthly appointments for my daughters' braces are done in 30-45 min max! Hardly no wait time! Love it! Would totally recommend it to anyone in need of braces or Invisalign!”
Barb G.
“Staff is always very friendly and helpful! I work a crazy schedule and they always find a way to fit me in. I really appreciate the doctors knowledge and the service that the staff provides. I used to hate going to dentists but their friendly smile and warm welcome really makes you feel at ease. I definitely recommend them!”
Juan R.
“My daughter is always treated wonderfully at Orland Dental Care. We wouldn’t go anywhere else. Thank you to the dentist, hygienist, and everyone else on the staff!”
Mary V.
“The absolute best service ever! I had 4 wisdom teeth pulled out at once and the staff really put me at ease. They made sure I was 100% comfortable before we started anything. The doctor got the job done fast and it was completely painless! Thank you again! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”
Amanda C.
“Best service ever! Received Invisalign and the results are great! Staff was very professional and wonderful to work with.”
Lamar H.
“I love this office! The staff is attentive and always make me feel comfortable. I would definitely recommend this dental office!”
Jovan W.
“Moved away and could not find a comparable experience in my new neighborhood. Decided to take the trek back to Orland Dental Care and I am so glad I did! Everyone on the staff is very professional and my experience is always painless.”
Nicole M.
“I had my two wisdom teeth taken out here. The doctor explained everything step-by-step about what he was going to do. On top of that, the staff is very friendly and all of them said hello to me and called me by name. My experience was as great as it gets!”
Darren O.

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